FMCG Security Seminars

If you are an FMCG manufacturing company between 10 and 100,000 employees or an agency supplying staff to FMCG manufacturers, we would be happy to brief key stakeholders at your premises upon industry threats, intelligence gathering and how best to embed intelligence-led countermeasures within your organisation.

Seminars are confidential and conducted by agents acting at the forefront of counter-terrorism.

Seminar Overview

We have a detailed insight into the logistical framework of the FMCG sector, in particular critical access points that are vulnerable to threat and that are left largely exposed. Such access points are of grave concern to intelligence agencies who recognise that FMCGs provide a natural delivery system for terrorists with large-scale intent.

On average each food industry attack investigated by the intelligence services has led to the identification of over 20 persons likely to have been involved. These are not ‘Lone Wolf’ attacks. Our seminars address strategies to counteract the possibility of a terrorist attack and/or deliberate food/drink contamination.

Investigation Resources

FMCG Security gather intelligence records from agencies around the world and have access to information that is not available through regular sources.

Our investigations are unparalleled and harness information from hundreds of intelligence, financial, criminal and dark-net sources, allowing us to dig deeper than any commercial organisation in the United Kingdom. We can access more than 90% of data whereas other companies can only access 14%.

Industry Guidelines

There is evidence that threats to and within the food manufacturing process are moving faster than solutions provided under TACCP and VACCP. Vulnerability is correctly identified in ‘The White Paper’ (noted in PAS 96 2014) but fails to understand the magnitude of the threat created by rapidly moving geopolitical dynamics and gives only basic remedies under the broad heading of ‘Know your people’.

Do our solutions seek to replace TACCP? Quite the opposite. They should work in tandem to seal vulnerability at a critical control point – your employees.

Industry Solutions

Our employee security solutions (termed ‘INSIGHTS’) are designed specifically for FMCGs. They instil confidence in the status, background and likely intentions of existing employees or new recruits in an industry that has been identified by intelligence agencies as being at significant risk of attack. Our solutions include gaining access to capabilities such as facial recognition technology.

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FMCG Security Seminars

Our seminars provide the opportunity to openly discuss how security agencies view the current status of threat across the FMCG sector, to identify potential areas of vulnerability within your framework and provide tailored solutions to counteract any potential threat.

Every organisation is different. Our solutions can be tailored to meet your administrative, logistical and structural needs. We work with HR and Technical teams to ensure a smooth integration of countermeasures.

All seminars are confidential and are conducted by agents acting at the forefront of counter-terrorism.

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To book a seminar with one of our agents simply contact us to arrange a suitable date for us to attend.

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