Kerry worker convicted of terrorism ‘posed risk to factory’

Article written by Mike Stones

A worker at Kerry Foods’s Burton plant, convicted on Monday (January 8) of planning a terrorist attack, threatened the factory, according to police.

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Secure your organisation by conducting intelligence-led employee background checks

To help organisations reduce the likelihood of threat there are industry guidelines such as those provided in TACCP. Such guidelines however fall short in their understanding of the magnitude of the threat and offer only basic remedies that fail to address fully the true source of the threat – which is ‘people’.

FMCG Security work with FMCG food manufacturers to reduce risk to the food supply chain in terms of potential threats, process vulnerabilities and countermeasures. We pay particular attention to employees who, with intent, could swiftly destroy the economic status of an organisation. How well do you ‘know your people’?

FMCG Security Solutions

To help organisations ‘Know their people’ we implement a series of intelligence-led processes (INSIGHT) which are embedded in the organisation to identify individuals likely to pose a threat. Such processes draw immediate attention to those who have links to terrorism or at the very least identify those with links to criminal activity that has cause for ‘above average’ concern.

Using sophisticated methods of investigation we identify and eliminate threat before those with intent gain access to your framework.

FMCG Security Seminars

If you are an FMCG manufacturing company between 10 and 100,000 employees or an agency supplying staff to FMCG manufacturers, we would be happy to brief key stakeholders at your premises upon industry threats, intelligence gathering and how best to embed intelligence-led countermeasures within your organisation.

Seminars are confidential and conducted by agents acting at the forefront of counter-terrorism.

If you feel that you qualify for a vulnerability assessment visit the link below to submit details of your organisation. An FMCG Security agent will then contact you to verify whether you qualify and to arrange a suitable date/time to address your key stakeholders.